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Overview: Motor City Renewing Itself Once Again

Detroit Skyline

The world first knew Detroit as the Motor City for its auto industry and then as Motown for its music. But that only means there is much about this large city in southeastern Michigan the world doesn’t know. Much of it has to do with the decades of change that have fundamentally altered Detroit, pushing much of what it once was to nearby suburbs, and making way for the revitalized Detroit of today.

Much of what the public hears about Detroit has been negative. But, this city that began as a French trading post in the then New World, is even today looking for new beginnings … and finding them. Casinos are bringing people downtown, something that was difficult in the past. There are two new downtown stadiums, one for baseball and one for football. And, a broad coalition of individuals and organizations are working hard to put the past behind and focus on the Detroit of tomorrow; in fact there is more than just talk, shovels are being put into the ground.

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